Create Blended Learning Experiences for your entire community.

We understand that learning happens in many different ways. With a wide range of easy to use features, SLX Prime can help you bring your teaching to the next level.

How it Works

Course Creation

Easy to create video based courses, assessments, live interactive classes, and real world classroom courses.

Build new courses, migrate your existing online courses to SLX Prime, or let us help you create beautiful course content.

A proactive technical support team and a community managers will help you along the way.

Learner Performance and Engagement

Instructors can track how their learners are performing and engaging with their course against their learning objectives.

Enable your instructors to make well-informed decisions and provide instant feedback.

Learn about your learners' interests and adapt your strategy according to their preferences.

Marketplace & Monetisation

Create a Learning Marketplace where your entire community can offer their own learning content.

Earn revenue every time a learner chooses your course or a course from another tenant of your platform

Promote your Events and Experiences to a global audience and/or invite partners to list theirs of your catalogue.

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