Who Are you?

Academic Institution

Empower your faculty and advisors with the tools they need to engage with their students offline and online through our SaaS application.

Our product will enable you to provide holistic student care for their educational needs across your campus and beyond.

Collect learning data of your students to make informed and evidence-based policy decisions for your institution.

Business / Corporation

Keep your employee engagement high and curtail your turnover rate by providing them with learning opportunities through our product.

Use your existing organisational data to create new courses or migrate existing ones to provide better access to learning opportunities for your employees across your organisation.

The HR and L&D teams can access employee performance and make informed policy decisions for your organisation.

Not-For-Profit & Philanthropy

Raise awareness for your issue by building a repository of evidence-based and experience-based knowledge on our platform.

Engage with your beneficiaries and donors by educating them on the different aspects of your area and encouraging them to discuss their thoughts and ideas and collaborate

Help young professionals and students who want to enter the not-for-profit space be better prepared of skill up and enable them to contribute constructively to the field.


Build a repository of your knowledge and share it using multimedia tools with society at large.

Build a vertical community using our platform to keep your audience engaged on the topics you research or issues you engage with.

Track the engagement of your audience using our learning analytic tools which come with our SaaS platform.

Training Institute

Expand your reach online and engage with learners across the country through our application.

Young professionals and students in need of extra training will now be able to avail your courses online at their convenience.

Understand market trends using the engagement data gathered on your courses and innovate and build courses as per the emerging trends.

Trade Associations

Build a collaborative community for your sector where businesses, decision makers and young professionals in your industry can come to engage, discuss and learn from each other.

Encourage industry experts to share their knowledge and build a knowledge base for the growth of your industry.

Bridge the skill gap in your sector by providing learning opportunities from industry experts and creating your courses and certifications for young professional in your industry who are looking to upskill.

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