Expand your learning community and bring people together.

Engage your learners, upskill your workforce or build a community around a shared cause. Combining Online and Offline engagement is key for a lasting relationship with your stakeholders.

The SLX Prime Difference


Our SaaS offering runs on our servers while catering to multiple tenants who share common infrastructure and code base which is centrally maintained. This enables us to quickly innovate and save time for developing rather than spend time fixing outdated code.


Customised landing page for the user institution will be created, and branding the look-and-feel of the application to match your institutions’ brand. Our application will also provide flexible control for the user institution to customise access rights and restrictions for each of their users.

Quality of Service

SLX’s SaaS solution provides adequate isolation of security, robustness and performance for each of its tenants because of the multiple layers beneath the software at the backend.


The difficult hardware and software management will be done by SLX, while you can access the software over the internet with ease and without requiring additional on-premise installation, which is cost effective for the user.

Swiss Learning Exchange’s SaaS offering provides a learning experience system as a service over the internet.

SLX Prime is a vertical product, custom made to meet the growing needs of the education sector by creating an easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) that combines the user friendly interface of software, with technical complexities of backend support.

Our platform supports blended learning and micro-learning features that can be used to enhance the experience of education for your community of learners.

Our SaaS solution will be hosted on our servers and we will manage and maintain the security, performance and availability of the product on our end.

SLX’s SaaS technology will help you be at the fore front of the new education trends and benefits for your leaners.

Is SLX Prime the right solution for you?